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Dashashwamedh Ghat

Temple Contact Details

  • Temple Name: Dashaswamedh Ghat
  • Temple Phone Number: +91-9198898999
  • Temple Address: Dashashwamedh Ghat Rd, Ghats of Varanasi, Godowlia, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001
  • Temple Timing: 24 Hour Opens

Legend Associated with the Dashashwamedh Ghat:

Dashashwamedh ghat is one of the oldest, most spectacular and important ghat, located at the bank of the river Gange near to the old Vishwanath Temple in the Kashi. The literal meaning of the Dashashwamedh is the Ghat (river front) of the ten sacrificed horses (dash means 10, ashwa means horse, medh means sacrifice).
There are two mythologies about the ghat is that the Lord Brahma was created the  Dashashwamedh ghat in order to welcome the Lord Shiva, and the second one is the Lord Brahma was sacrificed the ten horses in a yajna here.

Signifcance of the Dashaswamedh Ghat:

  • The Dashaswamedh Ghat has immense significance for performing Pitra Shraddh, Tarpan and Asthi Visarjan for ancestors. People come here from across the globe for performing the Shradh Karma.
  • It is great a spectacle to see the real attraction of this ghat in the evening when Gange aarti is held here. Dashaswamedh Ghat has become the religious spot for the devotees and pilgrims for many years and for tourists as well. Historically, it is considered as the most favorite and main ghat among the Hindu devotees. Near to the Dashashwamedh ghat, there are various religious temples as well as tourists’ destinations like the famous Sheetla Temple.

How to access Dashashwamedh Ghat :

There are many ways to reach Dashashwamedh Ghat, you can choose E- Rickshaw or Private Car as per your budget, the is connected both by Road and Water.


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