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Lolark Kund

lolark kund

Lolak Kund Contact Details

  • Kund Name:Lolark Kund
  • Kund Phone Number: +91-9161808520
  • Kund Address:Assi ghat, Bhadyni, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221005
  • Kund Timing: 06AM – 09PM

Legend Associated with Lolark Kund:

The charriot wheel of Surya Bhagwan fel into the kund, and then Surya Bhagwan himself consecrated the shivling Known as Lolarkeshwar Mahadev and blessed this Punya Kshetra with the importance for giving Putra Prapti to childless couples.
This Punya Kshetra is also known as Sarwa Ashapurveshwar Mahadev which means the lord who gives and fulfills all the wishes of his devotees.

Significance of Lolark Kund:

Located near the Tulsi Ghat Lolark Kund is also known as the Lord Sun’s Pond. Everyday hundreds of childless couples take bath in this Kund with the hope of conceiving a child.
This place is the epitome of faith owing to which people bath in the holy Kund and leave their clothes here itself followed by a pledge of not eating any one fruit for their entire life.
Before taking bath in Kund a Mahasankalp is given by the Purohit of the temple is which is ment for ‘Pran Pratishta’ of fruit and for a deepak to be lit in the temple during the course of full year.
This story of faith relates to an event of the 18th century wherein the King of Cooch Bihar State was healed of the skin disease after taking a dip in this holy kund and ever since then there is a conventional belief that the worshiper may get rid of any kinds of skin diseases here.
The mention of this historic and iconic Kund can also be found in the holy books and scriptures which consists of the “Kashikhand”, “Shivamahapuraan”, “Vishnupuraan”.

Best time to visit Lolark Kund :

The kund remains open for the devotees throughout and hundreds come here daily but the but the number increases mainyold in the month of Bhadrapad.
On the ‘Bhadrapad Shukla Shashti’ (Aug-Sept) the rays of the sun become immensely impactful and effective and that’s why on this day famous festival called ‘Lolark Chatt’ is celebrated here where people from all over the world come here to take dip in the holy kund so that they could be free from all sorts of skin diseases and also obtain to Santan Prapti.
Thousand of people also come here for darshan and Mundan Sanskar once their wish to get a child is fulfilled from the place.


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