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Parthiv Puja in Varanasi

Parthiv Puja
Parthiv Puja
Mahadev Puja in Varanasi

Parthiv Puja


  • Time: 1 Day | No of Preist: 11
  • Time; 3 hours | No of Priest 05

Book Parthiv Puja in Varanasi and enjoy the most auspicious way of Shiv Pooja where in shivling is carved out from sand near Ganges water.

After the puja vidhi Shivling is visarjit back in the Ganga River of Varanasi where the shivling, unites with Gangeshwar Mahadev (Lord Shivas form as worshipped by Maa Ganga).

Episode records in Puranas say that Lord Ram had made installed and performed Parthiv Shivling Puja at Rameshwaram to be liberated from brahmahatyamahapatakam i.e the sine of killing a Brahmana. Another legend is about Lord Shani who performed the Parthiv Puja to gain more power over his father Lord Surya.

Benefits of Doing Parthiv Puja

  • Sins of many lifetimes get wiped away and the devotee obtains the sanidhya of bhagwan mahadev.
  • The pooja gives protection against diseases ailments miseries troubles stress and fears.
  • For couples who are finding it difficult to conceive the Parthiv Pooja may work miracles.

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