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Kamal Archana

Sahasna Komal Archana
Mahadev Puja in Varanasi

Sahasra Kamal Archana


  • Time: 04 Hours
  • No of Preist: 05

Legend Associated with this Puja – Lord Vishnu had offered Kamal Archana to Lord Shiva wherein he offered 999 Kamals and One Kamal was missing, it was then that he took his eyes out and offered it to Lord Shiva. It was after this episode that he came to be known as Kamal Nayan and Lord Shiva blessed him with Sudharshan Chakra.

Puja Vidhi– In the Kamal, Archana a thousand lotus Flowers are Offered With Full grace to Lord Shiva by chanting the divine Shiva Sahasranamavali

Benefits of the Kamal Archan Puja

  • Kamal Archana Destroys poverty in every form and also mitigates problems like sorrow Failure Childnessness misfortune and the malefic effects of planet Venus
  • It blesses the devotee with success wealth prosperity good health and fortune
  • It is the Highest Sewa for obtaining the bhakti and grace of Mahadev

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