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42 Moksha Linga

Chapter 94 of Kashi Khand, from ‘SkandPurana’, states “A devotee who will worship the 42 Moksha Linga of Kashi will attain moksha i.e Salvation and their darshan of Kashi Vishwanath Temple gets fulfilled.

About the 42 Moksha Linga Yatra :

The 42 Moksha Linga Parikrama is a 3-day Yatra that comprises the darshan of the main 14 Moksha linga every day for consecutively 3 days.

Lord Shiva says in the Kashi Khand that he will reside in these ’42 Swayambhu Shivlinga’ and fulfill the wish of the devotees according to the name and nature of the respective linga.

For example – Lord Shiva says that even if a devotee manages to put his feet in the Sanctum Sanctorum of the Kedarnath Jyotirlinga of Kashi, Moksha Laxmi will open the doors for the devotee.

Significance of Moksha Linga Yatra :

  • Moksha means the attainment of the highest possible end, it is the highest source of contentment and an end in itself.
  • Darshan and Yatra of 42 Moksha Linga of Kashi give immense satisfaction, and contentment and ensures the highest possible success to the person in his respective field of work.