About Kashi Archan Foundation

Kashi is the land of worship, it is the land of tarpan, here Lord Shiva resides for the welfare of the people. Kashi has developed a new and unique culture keeping its ancient traditional roots intact and by absorbing the new norms and cultural advances of the 21st century.

Kashi Archan plays a key role in connecting the devotees with the Avimukta Kashi Kshetra and facilitating to them the Worship, Puja, Yatra, and Anusthan.

Kashi Archan Annkshetra wing organises an open Community kitchen on a daily basis where quality and nutritious food is fed to homeless children and daily wage earners belonging to all creed and ethnic group.

Kashi Archan gives special attention on health welfare, awareness about daily routine and seasonal routine patterns among people by organising regular yoga camps and excercises sessions amongst the community members.

Kashi has been the nerve centre of education and in a step to promote and enrich this heritage, Kashi Archan is dedicated to make advances in research and study of Vedic Sciences and encouraging the young minds to make giant strides in the same field.

The objective of Kashi Archan family is to re introduce and flourish the setiment of Seva amongst the masses and to make our youths aware and conscious of their duty towards protection, preservation and upliftment of these Sanatani traditions which in true sense are the jewels of this glorious nation.

Disclaimer: We do not directly represent any temples in Varanasi, All Temples Pages are added to the website just for general awareness and knowledge sharing to the public domain, without any commercial intent. We are an individual Registered NGO with the aim of feeding hungry people and helping devotees to do puja path in Varanasi 

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