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64 Vishnu Yatra

Kashi was primarily the favorite abode of Maha Vishnu but later when Mahadev came to Kashi, Shri Hari Vishnu handed over the city to lord Vishwanath which then was known as ‘Ananadvan’ i.e Forest of Joy.

The Legend associated with the 64 Vishnu Yatra of Kashi :

Later during the reign of Ved Vyas Shri Hari Vishnu himself arrived in the kingdom of Devodas in the disguise of a learned Brahmin. Devodas welcomed him with honor and warmth and asked him for the solution of his problem. In his response, Vishnu Bhagwan appreciated the good qualities and deeds of King Devodas. 

 Vishnu Bhagwan then told Devodas that he has made a huge mistake by taking over the kinship of Lord Vishwanath from the Kashi, which resulted in the occurrence of such a bad situation.  Bhagwan Vishnu asked King Devodas to establish a Shivaling in Kashi if he wants a solution and he also told King Devodas that after seven days from pratishta of the Shivalinga, Viman of Lord Vishwanath will come and take the king to (Swarglok).

 When the situation got sorted Shri Maha Vishnu established himself at Panchnad Teerth in Kashi to bless his devotees.

In Kashi, Lord Vishnu is established in 64 forms. All these forms of Lord Vishnu are included in Kashi Vishnu Yatra.

Some of the main Vishnu Temple of this Yatra are :

  • Shri Bindu Madhav Temple
  • Shri Adi Keshav Temple
  • Shri Prahlad Keshav Temple
  • Shri Shwet Madhav Temple
  • Shri Prayag Madhav Temple 
  • Shri Ganga Keshav Temple
  • Shri Vaikunth Madhav Temple
  • Shri Vitank Narsimha Temple