Bada Ganpati Temple

Lohatia Rd, Jaitpura Maidagin, Uttar Pradesh Varanasi 221001
Temple Contact no : 8470930672

Stuti & Sloka for the Temple

ॐ गं गणपतये सर्व कार्य सिद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ॥ 

Story of the Temple

Legend associated with the origin of Shri Bada Ganpati Temple :

Bada Ganesh is the special and main temple of Lord Ganapati in Kashi . Here there is a self-manifested idol of Ganesha and special worship of the Lord is done here in a closed and sacred environment.

The history of the Bada Ganapati temple is said to be two thousand years old. The special thing is that this temple rests on 40 pillars and having 40 pillars in the temple is considered very auspicious.

The Bada Ganapati Temple has been built by carving Meenakari and stones. Here Ganpati Ji is sitting under a silver umbrella. It is believed that once upon a time, the Ganga used to flow near Baba Vishwanath Temple. Dhundhiraj Ganesh who is at Vishwanath gate and his form is also worshiped here.

According to Shri Shiv Maha Purana, there was a task given to both Bhagwan Ganesh and his elder brother Bhagwan Karthikey to complete one full Parikrama around the Prithvi, the one who will come first will be declared the winner.

Bhagwan Kartikeya started with the race sincerely with high hopes of being able to come first in the race. Bhagwan Ganesh meanwhile thought for long and in the end started doing the Parikrama around Bhagwan Shankar and Maa Parvati itself.

Bhagwan Ganesh Ji with his gesture symbolized that his parents mean the world to him and by completing their Parikrama he has managed to complete the Parikrama of the entire world.

Both Bhagwan Shankar and Maa Parvati got impressed with the intelligence and thoughtfulness of Ganesh Ji and blessed him with eternal wisdom and knowledge i.e why it is important to seek the blessings of Ganesh Ji before starting anything.

Importance of the Temple

  1. Shri Bada Ganapati swaroop was taken by Bhagwan Ganesh to take out Vedo Vyas from Kashi so that Bhagwan Shiv could come back to Kashi.
  2. Worshiping Maha Ganapati in Kashi is an important landmark in the Ashta Vinaya Parikrama; his darshans in Varanasi make the Kashi Yatra complete.
  3. Maha Ganapati Swaroop of Bada Ganesh Bhagwan blesses the devotee with fortune, wealth and success.
  4. Maha Ganapati is the virat swaroop of Bhagwan Ganesh devotees who obtain his Sanidhya and are blessed with abundant power, physical health, and success in life.
  5. Maha Ganapati Swaroop of Bhagwan Ganesh is symbolic of the elephant's broadhead, which young students worship in daily for wisdom.
  6. Maha Ganapati Temple is also known as the Vighnaharta Temple as worshiping him blesses the devotee to not choose the right path in life but also remove all the obstacles.
  7. Devotees who worship the Maha Ganapati Swaroop of Bhagwan attain big heights, success, and fame in their lives.
  8. Worshiping Maha Ganapati also brings the devotee Sanidhya of Bhagwan Shiva and Maa Parvati directly.

Pujas Performed in the Temple

Auspicious tithis & festivals of temple

A  big program in the Bada Ganpati Temple is organized in the month of September i.e. Ganesh Chaturthi. During this, the Navaha recitation of the Ganpati Atharvashirsha Path takes place, while Vyas Sammelan is organized in the evening.  Devotees throng the Bada Ganpati Temple in large numbers to participate in this event. 
The second major event in the temple takes place on the day of Diwali. On this occasion, a grand shringar sewa of Bada Ganpati Ji is done. At the same time, Mahaarti takes place. Devotees regularly light lamps of desi ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil and jasmine oil in the temple to fulfill their wishes. The number of visitors to the temple is very high on Wednesdays and Sundays. 
The 9 days of Navratri and annual celebrations during Maha Shivratri tithi are also important festivals celebrated in the Bada Ganpati Temple of Varanasi.
Sankasthi Chaturthi and Vinayak Chaturthi which falls every month is a special day for devotees to visit the Bada Ganpati Temple.
Mothers keep special fast on this day for their children and do Darshan of Bada Ganpati Temple for the Ashiwaad of long life to their children

Darshan & Aarti Timings

Mangala Aarti

04:00 AM

Bhog Aarti

12:00 Noon

Shandya Aarti

05:00 PM

Shayan Aarti

12:00 AM

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Photo Gallery of the Temple

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How to reach Temple

The below are the travel details for the temple

The closest airport to reach the Temple is Varanasi Airport, located 28 kilometers away. Alternatively, Prayagraj Airport, situated 120 kilometers from Varanasi, also provides access to the temple. Plan your pilgrimage conveniently with easy access from these airports. 🛩️
To reach the Temple by train, disembark at Varanasi Railway Station, the nearest railway station, just 7 kilometers away from the temple. Conveniently access the temple from the station with state government buses and taxis readily available for transportation.
Devotees can also reach the Temple by road. Upon arriving at the Varanasi Bus Stand, one can opt for a state government bus or a taxi to reach the temple. The temple is approximately 2 kilometers away from Assi Ghat and 8 kilometers away from Varanasi Railway Station. 🚌

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