Maa Sheetla Devi Temple

Dashashwamedh Ghat Varanasi 221001
Temple Contact no : 9336586692

Stuti & Sloka for the Temple

शीतले त्वं जगन्माता शीतले त्वं जगत्पिता ।

शीतले त्वं जग‌द्धात्री शीतलायै नमो नमः ।।

Story of the Temple

Sheetla Mata is the Swaroop of Maa Parvati.
Skanda Purana describes a legend related to Sheetla Mata, in which it is told that Sheetla Devi was born from Brahmaji. Sheetla Mata is considered to be the form of Lord Shiva's consort Shakti. According to the legend, Maa Sheetla Devi had come to live in the kingdom of King Virat on earth with Jwarasura(a demon made from the sweat of Lord Shiva).
Maa Sheetla became angry with this behavior of the king, due to the fire of Sheetla Mata's anger, red spots appeared on the skin of the king's people present in the Kingdom.

People's skin started burning with heat. Then King Virat apologized for his mistake, and after that, the king offered raw milk and cold lassi to Goddess Sheetla, then Mother Sheetla's anger calmed down. Since then the tradition of offering cold dishes to the Mother Goddess has been going on, especially on the Ashtami Tithi.
According to the Devi Mahapurana, when Jwarausra gave bacterial fever to the small children, Maa Sheetla arrived to purify the blood of small children and also freed them of the
fever-causing bacteria. Maa Sheetla Devi resides with Ashta Bhuji swaroop i.e Devi with Eight hands holding Trishul,
Broom, Chakra, a Jar of Water, Neem leaves, Shankh, and Vard Mudra.
Maa Sheetla Devi symbolizes devi ensuring overall Protection, Good health, fortune, and power.

Importance of the Temple

Maa Sheetla Devi has been the presiding deity on the Dashashwamedh Ghat since time immemorial. It is believed that the Sheetla Devi Temple was situated here before the arrival of Maa Ganga in Kashi.
Bhagwan Brahma ji established the temple of Sheetla Devi here during his performance of Das Ashwamedh Yagya. Sheetla Devi is one of the most famous and celebrated Hindu goddesses.
Mata Sheetla is also known as the presiding deity of Purvanchal. In Sheetla temples, Mata Sheetla is often shown seated on the neck. It is believed that by worshiping the Maa Sheetla, one can get rid of infections and diseases like smallpox, and measles.

Since the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of possibility of outbreaks of infectious diseases during the change of season. That's why to avoid these diseases, the devotees should regularly worship Maa Sheetla Devi so that their and their families' bodies remain healthy and intact.

Pujas Performed in the Temple

Auspicious tithis & festivals of temple

Chaitra Navratri: The holy month of Chaitra Mass marks the beginning of the Sanatan New Year, the first 9 days of the month are also celebrated as Chaitra Navratri when Special Puja of Maa Vishalakshi is done.
Doing the 9 days Durga Sapta Shati Path, Kumkum Archana, 9 Kanya Bhojan are some of the popular rituals to be performed in the Vishalakshi Temple.

Durga Ashtami: The Ashtami falling on the Shukla Paksha Tithi of every month is the most important days for the Aradhana of Maa Vishalakshi Devi. Sadhak of Maa Vishalakshi Devi offer special sevas and yagna to Maa Adi Shakti to please her obtain the grace and devotion of Maa Vishalakshi.
Chanting the Siddha Kunjika and Durga Kavach Path to Maa Vishalakshi Devi can be Boon showering for the devotees on this day

Gupta Navratri: The Gupta Navratri comes twice a year and is considered the most sacred time for doing the Aradhana of Maa Jagat Janani Vishalakshi Devi. Sadhak and Ardent devotees do the Upasana of Maa Vishalakshi Devi to attain the mantra Siddhi and also blessings of victory over the enemy.

Amavasya Tithi: The Night of Amavasya Tithi is considered special for doing the Yagna of Maa Vishalakshi Devi, the energies of Maa Shakti are very high on this day and any sincere devotee can get his wish fulfilled easily.
Especially if an Amavasya combines with a Tuesday or Sunday this day becomes even more powerful for worshipping Maa Vishalakshi Devi

Shivratri: On this day the Tapasya of Maa Vishalakshi was completed as she finally in the form Sakshat Parvati, united with Bhagwan Shiv after getting married. Devotees who worship Maa Vishalakshi Adi Shakti by doing Jagran on the night of Mahashivratri are blessed with good health, wealth, success, and material prosperity.

Darshan & Aarti Timings

Temple Timing

05:30 AM - 11:30 PM

Mangala Aarti

06:00 AM

Bhog Aarti

11:00 AM

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Photo Gallery of the Temple

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How to reach Temple

The below are the travel details for the temple

If you wish to travel by plane, you need to land at Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport in Varanasi. From there, you can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to reach the temple.
If you prefer travelling by train, you can choose either Varanasi Junction Railway Station or Varanasi Railway Station. From here, you can hire a taxi. The distance from Varanasi Junction is 5.9 kilometres, and from Varanasi Railway Station, it is 4.3 kilometres.
If you prefer the road route, you need to reach Varanasi. Near the temple, there is Choudhary Charan Singh Bus Stand. The distance from here to the temple is approximately 4.2 kilometres. It takes about 21 minutes by bus to reach the temple. Alternatively, you can also travel by private vehicle.

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