Sakshi Vinayak Temple

Vishwanath Gali, Gate No 1, Bansphatak Varanasi 221001
Temple Contact no : 9336586692

Stuti & Sloka for the Temple

ॐ गं गणपतये सर्व कार्य सिद्धि कुरु कुरु स्वाहा ॥ 

Story of the Temple

Legend associated with the Sakshi Vinayak Temple :
Sakshi Vinayak Temple is one of the most important Ganapati temples of Varanasi. The literal meaning of the word Sakshi is 'Eye Witness'.
After Bhagwan Shiv made Kashi his permanent abode to stay, a lot of people started coming in Kashi so that they can get their sins wiped out merely by having Ganga Snanam and the darshans of Kaal Bhairav Temple.
All the sages and devatas asked bhagwan shiv to keep a check on the devotees who came to Kashi for darshan and Parikrama Yatras.
Bhagwan Shiv instructed Ganesh Ji to take the swaroop of Sakshi Vinayak and be a witness to all the good and bad acts committed by the devotees in the sacred Kashi Kshetra.
Thus Sakshi Vinayak swaroop of bhagwan Ganesh witnesses all the devotees coming to Kashi Avimukta Kshetra and also the Panchkoshi Parikrama Kshetra.
The Darshan of Sakshi Vinayak is mandatory for those undertaking the Panchkoshi Parikrama Yatra in Varanasi, as it is in the Sakshi Vinayak Temple only where the devotees receive the Punya of their Yatra.
According to a popular legend Sakshi Vinayak reports all the details of what he becomes witness to bhagwan Kaal Bhairav who finally gives both blessings (in proportion to good karma) and punishment (in proportion to their bad karma).

Importance of the Temple

  1. The importance of the Sakshi Vinayak Temple is self-evident, there is Riddhi-Siddhi also along with Maha Ganapati swaroop which makes the temple more auspicious and full of benefits for the devotees as well as the whole family of Lord Ganesha in this temple.
  2. Devotees from across the globe come here to have darshan of Shri Sakshi Vinayak Temple. It is believed that any devotee who visits Shri Sakshi Vinayak with full devotion and offers lava along with laddoos, durva and grass to him, Shri Maha Ganapati takes away all his worries from life.
  3. Shri Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh gives the blessing of happiness, peace and prosperity to the devotees. On every Wednesday as well as on Ganesh Chaturthi special worship is done and devotees have to wait in line for hours for darshan.
  4. Offering Puja and Sewa in Shri Sakshi Vinayak Temple fulfills all the wishes of all the devotees, no prayer made in the temple ever goes in vain.
  5. Shri Sakshi Vinayak Temple is an important landmark in the Ashta Vinayak Parikrama Yatra of Kashi as Bhagwan Ganesh looks after all the devotees completing the Panchkosi Parikrama Yatra.
  6. Sri Sri 1008 Sakshi Vinayak Temple is an ancient and self-manifested temple of Ganesha. Here there is an idol of Lord Ganesha clockwise. It is believed that there is a gem of worry here. If you will see Lord Ganesha with devotion, then God will take away your worries.
  7. Shri Chintamani Ganesh is more pleased by offering durva, grass, lava and modak.
  8. The idol of Shri Chintamani Vinayaka installed is one the most beautiful temples of Kashi. Ganesha is mentioned in the Vedas as Brihaspati-Vachaspati and Brahnaspati.
  9. It has been believed since ancient times that before performing any ritual to Shri Sakshi Vinayak is worshiped first who takes all the upcoming hurdles. That's why the importance of Sakshi Vinayak increases in Hindu religion.

Pujas Performed in the Temple

Auspicious tithis & festivals of temple

The big program in the Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh Temple is organized in the month of September i.e Ganesh Chaturthi. During this, Navaha recitation of Ganpati Atharvashirsha Path takes place, while Vyas Sammelan is organized in the evening.
Devotees throng the Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh temple in large numbers to participate in this event. The second major event in the temple takes place on the day of Diwali. On this occasion,
a grand shringar sewa of Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh Ji is done.
At the same time, Mahaarti takes place. Devotees regularly light lamps of desi ghee, sesame oil, mustard oil and jasmine oil in the temple to fulfill their wishes. The number of visitors to the temple is very high on Wednesdays and Sundays.
The 9 days of Navratri and annual celebrations during Maha Shivratri tithi are also important festivals celebrated in the Sakshi Vinayak Ganesh Temple of Varanasi.

Darshan & Aarti Timings

Mangla Aarti


Bhog Aarti

12:00 Noon

Shandhya Aarti

04:00 PM

Shayan Aarti

11:30 PM

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Photo Gallery of the Temple

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How to reach Temple

The below are the travel details for the temple

The closest airport to reach the Temple is Varanasi Airport, located 28 kilometers away. Alternatively, Prayagraj Airport, situated 120 kilometers from Varanasi, also provides access to the temple. Plan your pilgrimage conveniently with easy access from these airports. 🛩️
To reach the Temple by train, disembark at Varanasi Railway Station, the nearest railway station, just 7 kilometers away from the temple. Conveniently access the temple from the station with state government buses and taxis readily available for transportation.
Devotees can also reach the Temple by road. Upon arriving at the Varanasi Bus Stand, one can opt for a state government bus or a taxi to reach the temple. The temple is approximately 2 kilometers away from Assi Ghat and 8 kilometers away from Varanasi Railway Station. 🚌

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