Shri Bindu Madhav Temple

Saraswati Vihar colony, Ashok Nagar, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh 211001
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Stuti & Sloka for the Temple

 बिन्दुमाधवनामानं यो मामत्र समर्चयेत्

बिन्दुतीर्थकृतस्नानो निर्वाणं स हि विन्दति

The above Shloka has been taken from Skanda Purana where '(Lord Vishnu says), a devotee who takes bath in Bindu Teerth (presently Panch Ganga Ghat) and worships me as Bindu Madhav attains Moksha'.

Story of the Temple

Shri Bindu Madhav Temple is the oldest temple of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu in Kashi. This temple is situated on the bank of Maa Ganga at Panchganga Ghat. Bindu Madhav Temple is a small homely temple in a simple building in Kashi.
According to a legend in the Kashi Khanda (mentioned in the Kashi Vishnu Yatra) when Lord Vishnu banished King Devodas from his kingdom, he established himself as Adi Keshava in the Padodaka Tirtha of Kashi. Thereafter, when Lord Vishnu reached Panchnad Tirtha, he was
overwhelmed by the glory of Kashi.
Lord Vishnu saw an emaciated sage doing penance at Panchanganga Tirtha. Lord Vishnu in his divine form appeared before the sage whose name was Agnibindu. Sage Agnibindu was overjoyed to see Lord Vishnu in front of him and he bowed down to Lord Vishnu and started praising him.
Lord Vishnu was pleased with the sage and asked him to seek some divine boon, then he asked that Lord Vishnu should always be available around Panchaganga Tirtha. Lord Vishnu accordingly granted a boon to the sage and himself in the form of Bindu Madhav got established in Panchaganga Tirtha. By his presence, the shrine is considered extremely sacred and devotees who take the darshan of Shri Bindu Madhav are blessed with wealth, good health and
all their sins are removed.

Lord Vishnu accordingly granted a boon to the sage, near the present-day Bindu Madhav Temple and further said that Kashi is a holy place and devotees can attain various siddhis by coming to Kashi. Along with this, Lord Vishnu also said that the people living in Kashi are safe, even the great holocaust cannot destroy Kashi.With the divine presence of Shri Hari Vishnu, the shrine of Shru is considered extremely sacred and devotees who bathe in this shrine are blessed with wealth and prosperity.
This Tirtha which can absolve all sins is known as Bindu Tirtha. In the month of Kartik, by taking bath in Panchnad Tirtha and worshiping Bindu Madhav, a person gets freedom from his sins. It is believed that Lord Vishweshwar himself bathes in this pilgrimage in the month of Kartik.
It is believed that Lord Vishnu, while giving a boon to Sage Agnibindu, had said that he would be known as Adi Madhav in Satya Yuga, Anand Madhav in Treta Yuga, Sri Madhav in Dwapar Yuga and Bindu Madhav in Kali Yuga.
The original temple of Shri Bindu Madhav was very large and grand which was once located at the place where the Alamgiri Mosque is today. Sri Bindu Madhav temple was established even before the 5th century AD.
There is a legend associated with the name of the Bindu Madhav Temple. A sage named Agni Bindu Rishi once lived in Panchganga and used to do great penance. Vishnu, who resides in Panchganga, granted a wish to this sage, who requested that Vishnu stay here for the benefit of all those desiring Moksha (the end of the cycle of death and rebirth).
Vishnu lived at this place in Kashi until as long as Kashi existed, even at the time of universal destruction. Vishnu decided that this place should be known by the name of the sage (Bindu), as well as his name (Madhava, the name of Vishnu as Krishna)

The Matsya Purana mentions that Shri Bindu Madhava temple was one of the most important Vishnu temples in Kashi, along with the Adi Kesav temple in the far north of the city. Kashi is mentioned in Rigveda, the world's most ancient book - 'Kashiritte.. Aap Evakashinasangribhita:'.
According to the Puranas, this is the original Vaishnava place. Earlier it was the Puri of Lord Vishnu (Madhav). Where Shri Harike's Anandashru fell, Bindu Sarovar was formed there and the Lord was revered here as Bindhumadhav.

Importance of the Temple

Mahadev liked Kashi so much that he asked Vishnuji for Kashi Puri for his daily abode. Since then Kashi became the favorite abode of bhagwan Mahadev.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu, while giving a boon to Sage Agni Bindu, had said that he would be known as Adi Madhav in Satya Yuga, Anand Madhav in Treta Yuga, Sri Madhav in Dwapar Yuga and Bindu Madhav in Kali Yuga.
Shri Bindu Madhav is also known as the Kshetra Devta of Kashi, his darshan is important for the completion of a devotees Yatra in Kashi.
Shri Bindu Madhav Darshan is the first landmark in the Sodash Vishnu Yatra and also the 64 Vishnu Yatra in Kashi.

Pujas Performed in the Temple

Auspicious tithis & festivals of temple

Monthly Ekadashi is a revered festival in Sri Bindu Madhav Temple where a lot of devotees forthe darshans in the Bindu Teerth Kshetra of Kashi.
The entire Karthik month witnesses celebrations in the Bindu Madhav Temple. Sharad Pornima is one chief festival where many devotees come to offer sweets and their prayers in Sri Bindu Madhav Temple of Kashi.
Karthik Purnima witnesses thousands of devotees who come to Sri Bindu Madhav Temple for their Puja and Sewa.

Darshan & Aarti Timings

Mangala Aarti Darshan.


Bhog Aarti Darshan

12:00PM to 04:00PM

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Photo Gallery of the Temple

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How to reach Temple

The below are the travel details for the temple

The closest airport to reach the Temple is Varanasi Airport, located 28 kilometers away. Alternatively, Prayagraj Airport, situated 120 kilometers from Varanasi, also provides access to the temple. Plan your pilgrimage conveniently with easy access from these airports. 🛩️
To reach the Temple by train, disembark at Varanasi Railway Station, the nearest railway station, just 7 kilometers away from the temple. Conveniently access the temple from the station with state government buses and taxis readily available for transportation.
Devotees can also reach the Temple by road. Upon arriving at the Varanasi Bus Stand, one can opt for a state government bus or a taxi to reach the temple. The temple is approximately 2 kilometers away from Assi Ghat and 8 kilometers away from Varanasi Railway Station. 🚌

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