Shri Lolark Aditya (Sun) Temple

Badhaini Kshetra Shivala near Tulsi Ghat Varanasi
Temple Contact no : 8470930672

Stuti & Sloka for the Temple

ॐ सूर्याय नम: । ॐ घृणि सूर्याय नम: ।

Story of the Temple

The legend associated with the origin of Shri Lolark Aditya Temple :
Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple in Varanasi is located near Lolark Kund, Tulsi Ghat. Lolark Aditya is located at Lolark Kund near Asi Ganga Sangam in Varanasi.
Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple has been given great importance in Kashi. Lolark Aditya is classified as one of the most beautiful places in Varanasi and is believed to take care of the welfare of the natives of Kashi.
Being at the Asi Sangam where the water of the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Kund meets the water of the river Ganges and then reaches the other shrines of Varanasi, it has been considered one of the main shrines of Varanasi.
According to a story narrated in the Kashi Khanda, Lord Shiva ordered Suryadev to go to Kashi and make some dent in the impeccability of Divodas' rule in order to reduce his powers and oust the righteous king Divodas. Suryadev obeyed Lord Shiva and proceeded towards Kashi.
On reaching Kashi, Suryadev got excited to find out the city that gives Moksha. Later, Suryadev conducted internal and external investigations in the city, but found no wrongdoing against the king.
Finally, Suryadev decided not to return to Mandarachal and established himself in Kashi in the form of his twelve vigraha swaroop. Being enchanted by the beauty of Lord Aditya Kashi, he came to be called Lolark here.

Importance of the Temple

  1. It is believed that if one goes for the annual darshan of Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple on the Sunday of the month of Agahan, then all his sins are absolved and all wishes are fulfilled.
  2. The devotee who takes a dip in the Asi Sangam and performs Shraddha of his ancestors, becomes free from Pitra-Rina, hence the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple is also sacred for the Pitru Devatas.
  3. According to Skand Purana on the Shukla Shashti of January-February, if a person takes a holy dip in the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple at the confluence of river Ganga and Asi, he is absolved of all the sins of his seven births.
  4. The Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple is also called the Sarvashapurveshwar Temple, the literal meaning of which is where all the wishes and desires are fulfilled.
  5. The Chariot wheel of bhagwan Surya fell into the Lolark Aditya Kund hence it is also a sacred and revered place for Santan Prapti.
  6. The Shivling Argha in the Lolark Aditya Temple is towards the east which is a rare sight and all the offerings made on the Shivling go directly to bhagwan Surya.
  7. The Lolark Sasthi which falls in the Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha is considered the most sacred for the darshan in Shri Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple wherein lakhs of devotees
  8. visit for darshan and Snan.
  9. On a daily basis thousands of devotees visit the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple with young kids who come to do their Mundan Sansakar Darshan in the Temple.
  10. The Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple is the first among the Dwadasa Aditya Yatra in Kashi which is one of the most popular Panchkosi Parikrama Yatras.

Pujas Performed in the Temple

Auspicious tithis & festivals of temple

Sunday being the day of Surya Bhagwan witnesses massive footfall in Sri Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple where devotees come in large numbers for Darshan, Puja and Seva. Chhath Puja dedicated to Surya Upasana which is a major festival celebrated in North India witnesses massive crowds in the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple.
Maha Shivratri festival dedicated to Bhagwan Shiv is also a major festival in the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple.
Ratha Saptami also known as Surya Jayanti is the day of Janma of Bhagwan Surya devotees from across the globe visit the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple on this auspicious day.
On the Chaitra Shukla Paksha Ekadashi every year the Annual Shringar Mahotsav is celebrated in the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple.
The 30 days of Shravan month and especially the Shravan Mondays witness heavy crowds in Shri Lolark Aditya Temple.
The Lolark Shasti which falls on the Bhadrapad Krishna Sashti witnesses lakhs of devotees coming for the Snan and Daan in the Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple with the Sankalp of Santan Prapti.
Mouni Amavasya, Skand Sasthi, Navratri, Yagnopavit Saitya, Magh and Karthik Poornima witness massive crowds in Shri Lolark Aditya (Surya) Temple.

Darshan & Aarti Timings

Mangala Aarti

05:00 AM

Bhog Aarti

12:00 Noon

Shandya Aarti

07:00 PM

Shayan Aarti

11:00 PM

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Photo Gallery of the Temple

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How to reach Temple

The below are the travel details for the temple

The closest airport to reach the Temple is Varanasi Airport, located 28 kilometers away. Alternatively, Prayagraj Airport, situated 120 kilometers from Varanasi, also provides access to the temple. Plan your pilgrimage conveniently with easy access from these airports. 🛩️
To reach the Temple by train, disembark at Varanasi Railway Station, the nearest railway station, just 7 kilometers away from the temple. Conveniently access the temple from the station with state government buses and taxis readily available for transportation.
Devotees can also reach the Temple by road. Upon arriving at the Varanasi Bus Stand, one can opt for a state government bus or a taxi to reach the temple. The temple is approximately 2 kilometers away from Assi Ghat and 8 kilometers away from Varanasi Railway Station. 🚌

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