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Annadan on Poornima

Brahmin & Sanyasi Bhojan Annadan Sewa on Poornima

Annadan Sewa on Poornima

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Special Participation in Brahmin and Sanyasi Bhojan Annadan Sewa

दत्वाल्पमपि देवेशि न्यायोपार्जितंधनम्।
अविमुक्ते ममक्षेत्रे न दरिद्रोभवेत्क्वचित्।।

Brhamin & Sanyasi Bhojan Annadan Sewa

The above Shloka is taken from Skand Puran where Lord Shiva is saying that anyone who out of there hard earn money will do Annadaan in Kashi will ensure that neither he/she or their upcoming generations will ever have to face poverty during their lifetime.
Maa Annapurna has blessed the city of Kashi by giving a symbolic bhiksha to lord Vishwanath that ‘One can wake up hungry in Kashi, but not sleep hungry.
अन्यत्र ब्राह्मणानां तु कोटि संभोज्य यत्फलम्।
  वाराणस्यां तु चैकेन भोजितेन तदाप्यते।।
Skand Purana (Chapter 64, shloka 113)

The above Shloka is taken from Skand Purana (Chapter 64, Shloka 113) where lord Shiva is saying “Whatever punya benefits are accrued by feeding one crore Brahmins elsewhere, the same punya benefits are derived by feeding just one Brahmin in Varanasi (Kashi).

About Poornima Annadan Bhojan Sewa :

Poornima Tithi is a monthly event that falls on the day of the full moon according to the Hindu Panchange. The word Poornima means “ never decreasing” in the sense of “prosperity, hope, joy, and success.
It is believed that any virtuous deeds like Daan and Punya during the Poornima day do not perish even in the Times Of Pralay. The upcoming 100 Generations of the Donor receive the Punya Karma of such Daan and Punya.

Why you must Participate in the Annadan Sewa to Brahmins and Sanyasis in Varanasi?

  • Performing Annadan Sewa in Kashi is the highest sewa towards our Pitra Devtas, who gets satisfied with such virtuous deeds.
  • Performing Annadan Sewa to one Sanyasi in Kashi is equivalent to performing Annadan Sewa to one crore sanyasi elsewhere according to Skand Purana.
  • Performing regular Annadan Sewa helps destroy poverty and Dosha’s if present in the Kundali.
  • Brahmin and Sanyasi have always been treated as Devtas in Sanatan Dharma, by doing Annadan Sewa to Sanyasis we obtain punya equivalent to offering sewa to Bhagwan directly.

Pujas done by Kashi Archan Foundation


What Our Devotees Says

We perform Abhisek, Archana and Annadan in the holy land of Kashi with grace of Mahadev under the support of Kashi Archan on all our auspicious days like Marriage Anniversary, Birthday or any auspicious occasion. I am extremely greatful to them for all the efforts they put behind in supporting us do all this.

I have been a regular Annadan Donor with Kashi Archan Foundation, and the peace and satisfaction which one gets by doing this valuable seva is just priceless. More power to Kashi Archan with their efforts in the open community kitchen program.

I have been offering regular Khappar Seva in Kashi by the grace of god and also got a Mangal Jaap Anusthan completed all this under the guidance of Kashi Archan Foundation, much regards to them.

Kashi Archan enjoy’s massive reputation in Kashi, i have performed many archanas with them including Kaal Bhairav Jaap Anusthan and Kamal Archan Abhisek and my experience has been simply divine.

With the help and support of Kashi Archan Foundation i have been fortunate in being able to regular Archana in Kashi Kaal Bhairav from the comfort of my home.

Under the guidance of learned Acharya of Kashi Archan Foundation i got Puja performed for my son’s marriage and successful carrier and god has been very kind to us in granting to us both our wishes.

I am regular participant in the Akhand Deepak Seva of Kashi Archan Foundation, and i feel truly grateful to be a part of this divine family.

I have offered Khappar Seva and Kaal Bhairav Jaap Anusthan in Kashi with the help of Kashi Archan and their support and cooperation has been commendable to say the least.

Getting in touch with the team of Kashi Archan Foundation has been the luckiest thing that happened to me i got my visa, a new job post which i consider myself lucky to be doing regular Annadan Seva in Kashi.

My association and relation with the team of Kashi Archan is like a family, on numerous occasions i have offered my seva in Archana, Anusthan and Khappar Seva to Shri Kaal Bhairav Bhagwan, and i also got the opportunity to have a once in a life time seva to lord Kashi Vishwanath.

I have been regularly consulting the learned Astrologers of Kashi Archan Foundation for their Guidences and their advice has always been a source of guiding light for me.

Under the guidance of Kashi Archan Foundation i got the opportunity to perform Mahamrityunjay 1,25,000 jaap Anusthan in the Mrityunjay Mahadev Temple, Kashi. I will surely come back again next year in the holy month Vaishakh to do it again.

I perform Regular Rudrabhisek with Kashi Archan Foundation on every Purnima in the Kashi Temple via online medium and the kind of experience and puja service i get is just unparalleled, never seen a group of more professional people than them.

My age is 77 years, and i had a dear wish of coming to Kashi for performing Shraddha Karma to my parents, the way the entire team of Kashi Archan Foundation helped me during this Yatra was heart warming and I can’t thank them enough for it.

I have engaged numerous times with Kashi Archan Foundation for performing Annadan Seva in Kashi which is very dear to me, and it has been a pleasure to associate with them.

From performing Rudrabhisek at every Pradosh Kaal in Kashi to Lakshya Bilvarchan in Shravan Month, Kamal Archan at Mahashivratri, to Parthiv Puja during our visit to Kashi it has been surreal experience for me with Kashi Archan Foundation.

Frequently Asked Question

Who is Kashi Archan Foundation?

Kashi Archan plays a key role in connecting the devotees with the Avimukta Kashi Kshetra of Kashi and facilitating to them the Worship, Puja, Yatra, and Anusthan.

How I Can trust on Kashi Archan Puja & Sewa Services?

The Founders of Kashi Archan Foundation are directly associated with the sewa of Shri Kaal Bhairav Temple, Annapurna Temple, Kedarnath Temple, and other famous Temples of Varanasi.

Ensuring that the devotee gets a direct opportunity to perform Puja and Sewas in the temples of Varanasi.

Do I get the benefit of online Puja & Sewa?

From the vedic times, Brahmins have been performing Puja on behalf of devotees who for any reason were not able to get themselves physically present in the Puja.

Puja performed with due rituals by mentioning the name and gotra of the devotees, accrues them the exact Punya which one gets by being physically present.