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Ashta Vinayak Yatra

Legend associated with the Ashta Vinayak Kashi Yatra :

Following the orders of Lord Vishwanath, Bhagwan Ganesh left Mandarachal and came to Kashi.

 In Kashi, Bhagwan Ganesh spread his Maya and controlled the people around Ved Vyaas. Bhagwan Ganesh assumed himself as a learned astrologer and presented himself in a disguised manner successfully his objective in Kashi by making Ved Vyas realize his mistakes.

Ashta Vinayak Temples in Kashi and the significance :

Lord Ganesh established his Mangal Murti Swaroop in all the eight directions of the Kashi and the darshan/Yatra of this Swaroop is highly auspicious.

 In Kashi, a Yatra of all the Ashta Vinayaka is considered very fruitful and sacred. According to the legends, devotees can get rid of all their problems if they go on to complete the Ashta Vinayak Yatra and can also achieve prosperity and wisdom.

The Ashta Vinayak Temples in Kashi Yatra are as follows :

  • Ark Vinayak Temple
  • Durg Vinayak Temple
  • Chand Vinayak Temple
  • Dehli Vinayak Temple
  • Uddand Vinayak Temple
  • Pash Pani Vinayak Temple
  • Kharv Vinayak Temple
  • Siddhi Vinayak Temple