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Asitang Bhairav Temple

Asitang Bhairav Temple

Sri Asitang Bhairava Temple Basic Details

  • Temple Name: Sri Asitang Bhairava Temple
  • Temple Phone Number: N/A
  • Temple Address: K52/39, Maha Mrityunjay Temple, Varanasi
  • Temple Deity: Shri Ashta Bhairav Kashi Khand
  • Temple Timing: 05:30 AM – 01 PM & 03 PM -10:30 PM
  • Mangala Aarti Timing: 04:00AM
  • Bhog/Aarti Timing: 01:00 PM
  • Sandhya Aarti Timing: 08:00 PM to 08:30 PM
  • Shayan Aarti Timing: 12:00 AM

Legend associated with the origin of Shri Asitang Bhairav Temple :

Asitang Bhairav is one the Ashta swaroop of Bhagwan Kaal Bhairav who himself is the Rudra Avatar of bhagwan shiv.

Kaal Bhairav Avatar is the ferocious form of bhagwan Shiv which was taken by Mahadev during
the time when Lord Shiva became angry with Brahma Ji as one of his 5 heads used to lie.

Once there was a conflict between bhagwan Shri Narayan and Brahma Ji as to who is more superior. Bhagwan Shiv appeared in the form of Divya Jyoti (divine light) and told both that one who finds the extreme end of the light will be considered more superior.

Lord Brahma sat on a swan and went above whereas Bhagwa Vishnu sat on a wild boar and went down. Both the devatas after much persistence couldn’t find the end of the Divya Jyoti.

Lord Vishnu conceded that he couldn’t find the end whereas Bhagwan Brahma lied and said that he did manage to find an end hence he is more superior. This made Bhagwan Shiv very angry and he took the swaroop of Kaal bhairav to cut the fifth head of bhagwan Brahma.

Bhagwan Kaal Bhairav attained to Brahma Hatya Dosha as the head of bhagwan Brahma remained stuck to his hands. Shri Hari Narayan told Kaal Bhairav Ji to go to Kashi to get rid of the dosha.

Just as when Kaal Bhairav entered Kashi the head fell to ground and the Brahma Hatya Dosh was done away with. The place where the head of bhagwan Brahma fell came to be known as ‘Kapal Mochan Tirth’.

When bhagwan Kashi Vishwanath was returning to Kailash he handed over the responsibility of Kashi in the hands of Bhagwan Kaal Bhairav. The Ashta swaroop of Kaal Bhairav guards the city of Kashi from all the 8 directions.

Importance of Shri Asitang Bhairav Temple :

  1. Asitanga Bhairav is one of the Ashta Bhairava Temples of Kashi and is an important point in the Ashta Bhairav Parikrama Yatra of Kashi.
  2. The Temple of Asitanga Bhairava is situated near Mahamrityunjaya Temple, Vriddha Kaleshwar. Devotees can worship in the Asitang Bhairav Temple at anytime of the day.
  3. Asitanga Bhairav wears a garland of white skulls around his neck and also holds a skull in his hand. His weapon is also the skull.
  4. The Vahan of the three-eyed Asitanga Bhairav is a swan.
  5. Asitanga Bhairav is dark black in color and is a Jagrit swaroop of Bhairav itself. Worshiping this form of Bhairav increases artistic abilities.
  6. Asitanga Bhairav Sadhana Mantra is ‘Om Bham Bham Sah Asitangaye Namah’. By chanting this mantra one gets the blessings of Asitang Bhairav.
  7. It is also believed that even the most serious and fatal diseases can be cured by worshiping the form of Asitang Bhairav.
  8. The Kashi Ashta Bhairav Yatra is an important part of the Kashi Yatra which includes three important Bhairav Yatras of Kashi i.e. Kaal Bhairav, Ashta Bhairav Temple, Ruru Bhairava Temple, Chand Bhairav Temple, Shri Asitanga Bhairav Temple, Krodh Bhairav Temple, Shri Kapal Bhairav Temple, Sanhar Bhairav Temple , Shri Unmat Bhairav Temple, Shri Bhishan Bhairav Temple) and Batuk Bhairav
  9. Shri Asitanga Bhairav is a Trinetri (three-eyed), benevolent and peaceful form of Lord Bhairav, who is believed to relieve his devotees from their curses and sufferings.
  10. It is believed that by worshiping Asitang Bhairav who is fair skinned form of Lord Bhairav holding a trishul, damru and sword, devotees can enhance their creative abilities and become successful in their endeavors.
  11. Asitang Bhairav is considered the guardian of the east direction. Devotees going abroad should take his blessings for success overseas.

Puja in Kaal Bhairav Temple Varanasi :

Kaal Bhairav is considered the ‘Jagrit Devta of Kalyug’ i.e the one who very quickly obliges his devotee’s aspirations and wishes.
There are various Pujas and Sevas performed in the Kaal Bhairav Temple of Varanasi. Some of these are :

Darshan and Aarti Timings in Shri Asitang Bhairav Temple :

  • The Mangala Aarti Darshan goes up to 6:00 AM in the morning after which the Darshan gets opened for the General Devotees.
  • The 2nd Aarti performed in the Asitanga Bhairav Temple is the Bhog Aarti which starts at 11:30am in the morning which gets over at around 1:00pm.
  • The 3rd Aarti performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple is the Saptarishi Aarti which starts at 7:15pm in the evening.
  • The 4th Aarti performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple is the Night Shringar Aarti which starts at 9:00pm.
  • The Fifth and Final Aarti performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple is Night Sayan Aarti which starts at 11:00pm in the nighttime.

The Darshan hour for the normal devotees ranges from 6:00 am in the morning to 11:00 pm in the night during the course of which 5 Aarti’s are performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple.

Auspicious days and Festivals to worship Asitang Bhairav :

Every Monday witnesses massive crowds in the Asitang Bhairav Temple. Pradosh Kaal Puja which falls every 13th day of the month is considered very auspicious in the Temple.
The 30 days of Shravan Month and especially Shravan Mondays are the most auspicious tithi to perform Puja in the Asitang Bhairav temple and thousands of devotees throng the Asitang Bhairav Temple on this day.
On Vaishakh Shukla Chaturdashi, Asitang Bhairav is worshiped annually and adorned, the ritual is celebrated as the Annual Shringar Festival in the Temple.

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    Frequent Asked Questions related to Kaal Bhairav Temple ?

    What should I offer to Kaal Bhairav Temple?

    Kaal Bhairav Puja is done in the Satwik Vidhi and hence all Fruits, Dry Fruits, Sweets and items included in the 56 Bhog can be included in the Kaal Bhairav Puja.

    What is Asitang Bhairav Temple Address?

    The Asitang Bhairav Temple is located at K52/39, Maha Mrityunjay Temple, Varanasi

    How Many Types of Aarti Perform in Asitang Bhairav Temple?

    Mangala Aarti, Bhog Aarti, Sandhya Aarti and Sayan Aarti are some of the Sewa performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple

    Is There any Dress Code for Darshan in Asitang Bhairav Temple?

    There is no specific dress code for Darshan in Asitang Bhairav Temple

    What are the major functions/festivals of Asitang Bhairav Temple?

    Kaal Bhairav Maha Ashtami, Maha Shivratri, Shravan Monday, and Annakut Festival are some of the major festivals in the Asitang Bhairav Temple.

    Which Pujas are performed in the Asitang Bhairav Temple ?

    Abhisek, Homam, Akhand Deepak and Kaal Bhairav Ashtakam are some of the popular Pujas offered in the Asitang Bhairav Temple