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Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi

Asthi Visarjan :

Kashi Archan Foundation completes Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi on your behalf after completing the proper puja. Book Asthi Visarjan rituals by Vedic Brahmins to ensure peace and immortality of the Soul.
Duration ;
No of Priest: 01 | Time: 02 Hour
No of Priest: 05 | Time: 04 Hour


Asthi Visarjan

  • Kashi is the city most well known for the performance of Hindu Religious rituals for the dearly departed Punya Aatmas known as Asthi Visarjan.
  • The Procedure of Asthi Visarjan requires the Immersion of a person’s ashes in the holy river Ganges flowing in Varanasi. Asthi Visarjan is an important landmark in the Soul’s journey towards moksha or salvation.
  • According to ancient Hindu Scripture Tristhalisetu any Pitra Shradha or Asthi Visarjan done in Kashi even in the smallest amount is highly Punya Pradayi.

Why to immerse ashes in River Ganges in Varanasi

  • It is believed in Hinduism that the river Ganges flows in the heavens before it descends, hence it is also called a celestial river or Sursari.
  • Hindu scriptures believe that immersion of the last mortal remains in river water takes one’s soul in place of Gods. And the Ganges river gives sadgati or salvation to the immortal soul.
  • Varanasi is one of the holiest cities in the world where Lord Shiva directly assists his devotees in their last spiritual journey. So, people from across the world who believe in Hindu rituals come for the salvation of their parents, ancestors, friends, and relatives to this sacred place.

Role of Kashi Archan Foundation :

Kashi Archan Foundation is also committed to honoring our Non-Resident Indian brothers and sisters who because of the difference In the continents can not always come physically to attend the rituals but have a dear wish of immersing in the ashes in Kashi. In Proper Traditional Ceremony our Vedic Brahmins will complete, the Asthi Visarjan on their behalf after completing the Puja Ceremony.