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Brahmin Bhojan Sewa in Varanasi

Brahmin Bhojan Sewa in Varanasi

Sewa & Duration

  • 1 Brahmin Bhojan: Duration – 30Min
  • 5 Brahmin Bhojan: Duration – 01 Hrs
  • 11 Brahmin Bhojan: Duration – 02 Hrs
  • 21 Brahmin Bhojan: Duration – 03Hrs

Brahmin Bhojan Sewa is a form of Annadaan done directly to the respected Brahmin Devtas. It is considered a compulsory and auspicious ritual, especially on occasions like :

  • Birthday of Family members
  • Marriage Anniversary
  • During the month of Pitra Paksha
  • During the month of Shravan and Karthik
  • Death Anniversary and Punya Tithi of our ancestors 
  • On any auspicious occasion

Brahmin Bhojan Sewa Vidhi :

  • All the Brahmins are cordially and respectfully invited where the Brahmin Puja is done followed by Mangala Aarti
  • Brahmin Devtas start the mantra chanting like the Shanti Path, Rudra Mantra, and Mangal Path.
  • Satwik Bhojan is prepared and served for the Brahmin Devtas, and due care is taken during the time they have their food.
  • After the Brahmin Bhojan Sewa, the brahmin devtas bless the devotees in their name and gotra.
  • At last, a farewell is organized for the Brahmin Devtas wherein Vastra Daan, Daxina, and sweet is offered to them and their blessings is sought.

Benefits of Doing Brahmin Bhojan Sewa :

  • Performing Brahmin Bhojan Sewa is a medium for obtaining divine grace and blessings.
  • Conducting Brahmin Bhojan Sewa satisfies the departed souls in our family and the Pitra Devtas
  • Regularly conducting Brahmin Bhojan Sewa helps to remove negative doshas from our horoscope like the Pitra Dosh.
  • Brahmin Bhojan Sewa conducted in an auspicious environment with the right faith can grant our fourteen generations of Pitra Devtas mental satisfaction.