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Debt Relief Puja

Debt Relief Puja Duration

  • Rudrabhisek Puja : 3 Hours | 2 Priests
  • Jaap Anusthan Puja: 1 Day | 5 Priests

Kashi is a one-stop astrological solution for any adverse situation or problem in a person’s social, professional, or material life.

Astrological explanation of debt/loan problem :

The Main Grahas that impact debt and loans in the Kundali of a person are the three Chaya Graha i.e Rahu, Mangal, and Shani, and the main houses which indicate loan and debt issues are 6th, 8th, 11th, and 12th.

The confluence of Rahu and Mangal plays an important role in

determining the stretch of a person’s financial debt position, also a strong Lagna position in Kundali can give a good indication that a person will eventually come out of the financial debt trap situation.

Astrological Solution in Kashi for the Financial debt :

According to Skand Purana, Kashi Khand by performing pujas such as Abhishek, Sringar, Jaap, and Homam to ‘Rin Hareshwar Mahadev’ of Kashi will make clear all the monetary debts of the devotee’.