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Dhan Prapti Puja

Dhan Prapti Puja :

  • Rudrabhisek Puja : 3 hours | 2 Priests
  • Jaap Anusthan Puja: 1 Day | 5 Priests

Kashi is a one-stop astrological solution for any adverse planetary situation or problem in a person’s social, professional or material life arising out of it.

Astrological explanation of Dhan Prapti as explained in a person’s Kundali :

  1. If the income house is affected by a Chaya Graha like Rahu or Ketu then the person faces a lot of struggles in his financial life.
  2. If the houses indicative of job and income are powerless then also the person faces hardship in Dhan prapti.
  3. If the Lagna yoga is weak in Kundali then also the person’s financial status will remain negatively impacted.

Dhan Prapti Puja in Kashi :

According to Skand Purana, Kashi Khand by performing puja such as Abhisek, Sringar, Jaap and Homam to ‘Dhan Prakmeshwar Mahadev’ will be blessed with health, wealth fortune and success in business ventures.