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Dwadash Aditya Kashi Yatra

When Surya Bhagwan reached Kashi, he was mesmerized by the charm of the city thereafter he tried to enter the Kingdom of Devodas but he failed.

 After that Surya Bhagwan formed himself in different parts of Varanasi city in 12 forms known as the Dwadash Aditya or 12 Avataras of Surya Bhagwan.

The 12 Dwadash Aditya Temples are :

  • Lolark Kund Temple
  • Uttar Ark Aditya Temple
  • Samb Aditya Temple
  • Mayukh Aditya Temple
  • Khakhola Aditya Temple
  • Arun Aditya Temple
  • Vriddh Aditya Temple
  • Keshav Aditya Temple
  • Vimal Aditya Temple
  • Ganga Aditya Temple
  • Yama Aditya Temple
  • Darupad Aditya Temple

Significance of Dwadash Aditya Yatra :

According to Skand Purana Kashi Khand, all those who will sincerely have the darshans of Dwadash Aditya shall be freed from health problems, diseases, unwellness, and worries.

One Aditya is special for a particular lunar month and worshipping that Aditya in the month is ideal for giving results.