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Manokamna Purti Puja

Manokamna Purti Puja :

  • Rudrabhisek Puja : 3 hours | 2 Priests
  • Jaap Anusthan Puja: 1 Day | 5 Priests

Kashi is a one stop astrological solution for any adverse planetary situation or problem in a person’s social, professional or material life arising out of it.

Manokamna Purti Puja explained :

  • Manokamna Purti puja as the name implies the successful attainment of wishes and desires of the devotee.
  • Manokamna Purti Puja is the best Vedic solution to overcome problems and get desired results in one’s field of work.

Importance of Manokamna Purti Puja :

The Manokamna Purti Puja plays a key role in eliminating the negative energies that impact one’s life aspects of health, marital relationship, business, and career.

Manokamna Purti Puja in Kashi :

According to Skand Purana, Kashi Khand by performing puja such as Abhisek, Sringar, Jaap and Homam to ‘Mankameshwar Mahadev’ of Kashi devotees all wishes and desires are fulfilled.