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Nav Gauri Yatra

After marriage Lord Vishwanath came to Kashi along with her eternal consort Maa Annapurna who is also known as ‘Maha Gauri’.

The presence of Maa Gauri in the favorite abode of Lord Shiva resides is inevitable. Therefore, to bless the city of Kashi Maa Gauri resides in Kashi in her Nav Gauri forms.

Significance of Nav Gauri Yatra :

Nav Gauri Yatra has been mentioned in Chapter 100 of Kashi Khand of the Skand Purana.

With the worship of the Nav Gauri Temple, unmarried women get a happy and satisfied married life and the married ladies are blessed ‘Akhand Saubhgyawati Ashirwad’.

The nine forms of Maa Gauri worshipped in the Nav Gauri Yatra are

  • Mukhnirmalika Gauri Temple
  • Jyeshta Gauri Temple
  • Saubhagya Gauri Temple 
  • Shringar Gauri Temple
  • Vishalakshi Temple 
  • Lalita Gauri Temple
  • Bhavani Gauri Temple 
  • Mangla Gauri Temple
  • Maha Gauri Temple ( Annapurna Devi Temple)