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Panchkrosi Kashi Yatra

Panchkrosi Kashi Yatra

Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra is the most popular and comprehensively covered Yatra of Kashi.

Into how many parts is the Panchkrosi Yatra divided?

The Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra is divided into 5 parts i.e 108 Mahadev Temples, 11 Ganesh Temple, 10 Devi Temple, 2 Kaal Bhairav Temple, and 15 temples dedicated to other Devi and Devtas.

The five main stop points of the Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra are :

  1. Kardmeshwar Temple
  2. Bhimchandi Temple
  3. Rameshwara Temple
  4. Panch Pandav Temple
  5. Kapildhara Temple
The Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra is a total 25km Journey starting from Manikarnika Ghat to Kapildhara Temple.

The legend associated with the Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra :

  • Lord Shri Ram did the Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra along with Maa Sita and his 3 brothers, in the Parikrama they had Prathistit at the Rameswaram Temple.
  • In the Dwapar Yuga, the Pandav brothers had undertaken the Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra and the Shivlinga consecrated by them can be seen in the Panch Pandav Temple alongside the Draupadi Kund.
  • There are close to 3,65,000 Devi Devtas temples that fall in the Panchkrosi Parikrama Yatra.