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Pishach Mochan Kund

पैशाचमोचन तीर्थे संभोज्य शिवयोगिनम्
कोटिभोज्यफलं सम्यगेकैकपरिसंख्यया

Pishach Mochan Kund

Kund Name: Pishach Mochan Kund
Kund Phone Number:08470930672
Kund Address: Pishach Mochan, Ramakanth Nagar, Chetganj, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh 221001
Kund Timing: 05:30 AM -10:30 PM

Pishach Mochan Kund Basic Details

Pishach Mochan Kund is a sacred place for the Mukti Dham of our Pitra Devtas. It is mandatory for all devotees to perform Pind Daan in Kashi’s Pishach Mochan Kund before proceeding to Gaya Shradh.
Pishach Mochan is the teerth that for many years has continued to relieve millions of devotees from Pitra Dosh and other troubles in life.

Legend associated with the Pishach Mochan Kund :

There was a Brahmin by the name of ‘Pishach’ he used to only take Daan and never gave Daan to anybody. So what happened is after his death he went into ‘Pishach Yoni’.
Desperate to get mukti he started praying to lord Brahma who instructed him to go to Kashi and pray to Kapardhiswar Mahadev, as he was the only one who could help him in attaining Mukti.
Pishach sincerely offered his prayers to Kapardhishwar Mahadev on a daily basis and also took a dip in the kund near the temple before his prayers.
Finally Kapardhiswar Mahadev, pleased with his devotion and sincere prayers, decided to free him from the Pishach Yoni.
Mahadev instructed him to take a dip in the Kund after which he went from ‘Pishach Yoni’ to ‘Pitra Yoni’ and hence attained to mukti. The kund from that day came to be known as the Pischah Mochan Kund i.e place where even the worst of the people get free from their troubles.
Maharishi Valmiki also offered his prayers around the Pishach Mochan kund hence this place also came to be known as the Vimalodak kund or Vimal Teerth.

Religious significance of the Pishach Mochan Kund :

पैशाचमोचन तीर्थे संभोज्य शिवयोगिनम्
कोटिभोज्यफलं सम्यगेकैकपरिसंख्यया
 Kashi Khand, Chapter 54, Shlok 84
The above Shloka has been taken from the Skanda Purana, Kashi Khand which highlights the massive significance of Pishach Mochan Kund.
Lord Shiva is saying in this Shloka that “Feeding of one Shiv Bhakt in Pishach Mochan Kund (in Kashi) will yield full Punya benefits of feeding one crore, sanyasis”.
  • Pishach Mochan is the mandatory landmark in Kashi for performing Shradh to our Pitra Devtas i.e before proceeding to Gaya Shradh.
  • Pishach Mochan Kund is the most sacred place for our ancestors in Kashi. It is a Mukti Dham for all.
  • After Manikarnika Ghat the Pishach Mochan Kund is considered the most auspicious in Kashi for performing any Shradh, Puja, Snan or Daan.
  • Pishach Mochan Kund is a sacred place for all the Sanatan Dharma believers who believe in the concept of birth and rebirth.
  • During Pitru Paksha which falls in the Krishna Paksha of Ashwin month millions of devotees from all across the globe flock to Pishach Mochan Kund for performing Shradh rituals to their ancestors.
  • The presence of Panchmukhi Ganesh (56 Ganpati Kashi) in the Pishach Mochan Kund makes this place sacred for performing Shradh on any day of the week.
  • According to Skand Purana Kashi Khand, devotees who will worship Kapardhishwar Mahadev in Pishach Mochan Kund will not only free themselves but their upcoming 100 Generations from having Pitra Dosh in their horoscope.

Significance of Pishach Mochan Shradh :

पितामहेश्वर लिङ्गं तत्राऽभ्यर्च्य नरो मुदा
त्रिः सप्तकुलसंयुक्तो मुच्यते नात्र संशयः
Kashi Khand, Chapter 69, Shlok 38
The above Sloka from Skand Purana Kashi Khand highlights the massive significance of performing Pishach Mochan shradh Puja.
Lord Shiva in the above Shloka is saying “If a devotee gladly performs Shradh pooja near Pita Maheshwar, he gives liberation to twenty-one generations of his forefathers (including himself). (Pita Maheshwar Shivlng is located near the Pishach Mochan Kund).
Shradh and Tarpan are some of the mandatory rituals required to be performed on a periodic basis for satisfying our Pitra Devtas and obtaining their blessings.
Devotees who neglect these rituals or do not perform their Karmic duties towards their Pitra Devtas move towards a state known as ‘Pitra Dosh’.
  • Tripindi Shradh performed at Pishach Mochan Kund has an Akshay Punya and frees the three succeeding generations of Pitra Devtas in line from any Pischach Yoni.
  • Pishach Mochan Kund is the only place in the entire world renowned for performing the Tripindi Shradh Puja and the place enjoys massive significance for it.
  • Devotees by performing the Tripindi Shradh in the sacred Pishach Mochan kund get free from the Sanatan concept of ‘Pitra Rin’ i.e debt from our ancestors.
  • Virtuous deeds like Snan and Daan made at the Pishach Mochan Kund during the performance of Pishach Mochan Shradh or Tripindi Shradh get Anant times more Punya than as compared to anywhere else.
  • Performing the Pischach Mochan Shradh at the Pishach Mochan Kund blesses the devotee with good health and prosperity and frees him from ‘Pitra Dosh’.
  • Performing Pishach Mochan Shradh at the Pishach Mochan Kund is the responsibility of all the devotees who wish to get the blessings of their Pitra Devtas.

Puja and Shradh to be performed at the Pishach Mochan Kund :

Location of Pishach Mochan Kund and how to reach it ?

  • The Pishach Mochan Kund is located in the Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh.
  • The Pishach Mochan Kund is located in ChetGanj area of Varanasi which is at 5km from the railway station.
  • The distance of Pishach Mochan Kund from the airport is 35km and can be easily reached and accessed by cars.

Location of Pishach Mochan Kund and how to reach it ?

  • Although the Pishach Mochan Shradh can be performed on any day in the Temple, performing it in Krishna Paksha tithi Amavasya of every month holds special significance.
  • The 15-day period of Pitra Paksha witnessed a massive crowd at the Pishach Mochan Kund to perform Pind Daan and offer the Tripindi Shradh Puja.

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    Frequently Asked Question Related to Pishach Mochan Kund

    Which Puja is performed for the Nivaran of Pitra Dosh ?

    Tripindi Shradh Puja is performed for Pitra Dosh Nivaran in Pishach Mochan Kund.

    In which time is the Tripindi Shradh Puja performed?

    During Krishna Paksha Month and Amavasya Tithi the Tripindi Shradh Puja is performed.

    How to book puja at Pishach Mochan Kund?

    Devotees can book Puja in Pishach Mochan Kund by directly visiting our website or clicking the link below.

    Which Puja or Shradh are performed at Pishach Mochan Kund ?

    1. Pind Daan
    2. Tripindi Shradh
    3. Narayan Bali Puja
    4. Varshik Tirth Shradh

    Can Puja be performed any day at Pishach Mochan Kund?

    Yes, the Pishach Mochan Kund is open on a daily basis for performing Shradh Ritual

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