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Puja for Success in Education

Puja for Success in Education :

  • Rudrabhisek Puja: 3 Hours | 2 Priests
  • Jaap Anusthan Puja: 1 Day | 5 Priests

Kashi is a one-stop astrological solution for any adverse planetary situation or problem in a person’s social, professional, or material life arising out of it.

Astrological explanation of Success in the Academic/ Education field :

In our Kundali 4th house governs our education, the 5th house is for knowledge, the 9th house controls higher education and the 11th house predicts the chances of our success.  In order to achieve success in education and higher studies Brihaspti, Buddh, Rahu and Ketu should be in strong positions.

Puja for Educational/ Academic success in Kashi :

According to Skand Purana Kashi Khand by performing pujas such as Abhishek, Sringar, Jaap, and Homam to the sacred ‘Vidyeshwar Mahdev Temple’ the devotee will attain high educational success and achievements in academic fields.