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Bajrang Baan Path

Bajrang Baan Path
Hanuman Puja

Bajrang Baan Path


  • Path: 108 | Time: 03 Hours | No of Preist: 02
  • Path: 1100 | Time: 01 Day | No of Preist: 11

In Kali Yuga, the most influential and fastest result is given by Lord Hanuman. There are many forms of lord Hanuman that help in overcoming any financial problems or family crisis one of them is the ‘Vajra Roop’ and Hanuman Ji with vajra form is called Bajrangbali. To Please Bajragbali, reciatation of Bajrang Baan Path is the best resort.

Benefits of Reciting Bajrang Baan

  • It is the most potent weapon for defeating enemies (Shatru Parajay)and receiving the ashirwad of Vijay Prapti.
  • The regular path of Bajrang Baan absolves the continuing cycle of business losses and the devotee is blessed with self-confidence and courage.
  • From weak children to heart and blood pressure patients recitation of the Bajrang Baan path can give miraculous results

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