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Sankat Nivaran Puja

  • Rudrabhisek Puja : 3 Hours | 2 Priests
  • Jaap Anusthan Puja: 1 Day | 5 Priests

Kashi is a one-stop astrological solution for any adverse planetary situation or problem in a person’s social, professional, or material life arising out of it.

About Sankat Nivaran Puja:

Sankat Nivaran puja is dedicated to Lord Ganesh who is also known as ‘Dukh harta’. Lord Ganesha is believed to become very happy with the tiny prayer and Puja and gives immediate relief to his devotees from all troubles.

A Sankat Nivaran Puja is performed to relieve problems related to Health, Business, Career, Family, etc. It can also be performed before any auspicious event like Grih Pravesh, Starting of a New Business venture, or before Going Abroad so that our work gets completed without any problems and obstacles.

Sankat Nivaran Puja in Kashi :

According to Skand Purana Kashi Khand by performing puja such as Abhishek, Srinagar, and Homam to ‘Sankat Haran Ganesh’ of Kashi a devotee can free himself from all forthcoming Sankat/ Troubles of his life.