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Sanyasi Bhojan Sewa in Varanasi 

Sanyasi Bhojan Sewa in Varanasi

Bhojan Sewa & Duration

  • Dainik Sanyasi Bhojan : 01 Day
  • Masik Sanyasi Bhojan : 01 Month
  • Varshik Sanyasi Bhojan : 01 Year

A Sanyasi is an individual who has given up on the material world and lifestyles associated with it. A Sanyasi spends his life taking the name of God and wandering in his search.

The Sanyasis seek food in the form of Biksha, and feeding the Sanyasis with Bhojan is the highest sewa to Narayan i.e Lord himself.

In Kashi, there are many Sanyasis who come from all parts of the globe and by the grace of Maa Annapurna and Adi Guru Shankracharya, no sanyasi ever goes to sleep with an empty stomach.

Why is it Important/Auspicious to participate in Sanyasi Bhojan Sewa in Varanasi :

  • It is a customary ritual to perform Dandi Sanyasi Bhojan before leaving Kashi else the Yatra is not considered to be complete.
  • The Sanyasis of Kashi are true reflections of lord Vishwanath himself, and getting the blessings of a sacred Sanyasi is equivalent to getting the blessing of Mahadev.
  • Sanyasi Bhojan is a momentous occasion for an individual to get the darshans of many Sanyasis at one place which is very, and just by their glimpse many dosha and negativities from our lives can be removed.