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Tirth Shradh

Tirth Shradh

Duration: No of Priest: 03 | Time: 02 Hour

Kashi is a Mahashamshan because of the presence of Manikarnika Ghat, the holiest crematorial place.

It is the most important tirth kshetras for Shradh Karma. Even on hearing the word Kashi coming out of our mouth our ancestors flock to Kashi in anticipation of Pitra Tarpan and Shradh. 

It is the responsibility of all the devotees to fulfill the anticipation and expectation of their pitra devtas by performing the tirth shradh which is a small but comprehensive procedure to satisfy our Pitra Devtas. 

The Duration of this Shradh is Comparatively small but covers all the Shradh procedures including Pind Pradaan, Shradh Tarpan, Marjan, and also Brahmin Bhojan.